What Can Orthodontics Do for You?

has a highly trained professional staff that strives to make your smile as great as it can be. If you are suffering from an oral ailment, we are here to craft for you a customized plan to decide on which procedure would be most beneficial to ensure a durable, long-lasting smile that will satisfy you… Read more »

The Dental Problems to Avoid When Aligning Your Teeth

Orthodontic treatment is very beneficial, especially because it can help you reach the smile of your dreams. However, there are some things that can make your treatment a little less than pleasant and can even delay your treatment time. So, if you want a strong and healthy smile while you straighten your chompers, our orthodontist,… Read more »

Healthy Braces and the Holidays

When you got your braces on, you knew it wasn’t going to be a quick, easy process. You also were told by Dr. that, in order to preserve oral health and ensure that your braces are on for as short a time as possible, you’d need to practice vigilant oral health. With the holiday season… Read more »

The Basics for Brushing Your Braces

Orthodontic braces need brushing just like your teeth. If your braces begin to fail, their effectiveness shall fail as well. The more care you give to them, the greater care and faster recovery time they can give to you. Simple tasks as easy as brushing your teeth more effectively can pay huge dividends for your… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Teens & Adults’ Smiles

Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Do you wish you had a straighter, healthier, more beautiful smile? Ask Dr. how Invisalign® in , , can benefit your smile. Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently and discreetly straighten your smile over time. This system is a great choice for teens and adults alike! Many adults have… Read more »

Types of Braces and Their Components

Do you have crooked teeth or a bad bite? Ask Dr. about how braces in , , can help you. Do not think that since you did not have your teeth straightened as a child that it is too late. Braces can help children, teens, and adults alike! Braces are can be made from different… Read more »

People with Braces Need a Quality Mouthguard when Participating in Contact Sports

The metal brackets, wires, bands and other assorted hardware that make up your braces will gradually reposition your teeth to achieve your ideal alignment. If your braces are damaged or if one of your teeth is knocked out from a blow to the face, it could significantly increase your treatment time. This makes wearing a… Read more »

Your New Hawley Retainer Needs Some Basic Care and Cleaning Every Day

Now that your teeth have been successfully adjusted into their ideal alignment, your braces can be removed from your teeth. However, there will still be some residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that hold each tooth in its socket. Using a retainer will help your teeth maintain their new position while this tension gradually diminishes…. Read more »

The Answers to Your Questions About Orthodontics

To help you understand orthodontics and orthodontic treatment, our team has provided the answers to the following frequently asked questions: Why is good oral hygiene with braces important? Food particles and plaque tend to get stuck in the smile and appliance, which poses a threat on your oral health and orthodontic treatment. If you don’t… Read more »