The Benefits of Invisalign® Aligners

Not only can the Invisalign® system improve your smile’s look, but straightening your teeth can make them healthier and lower your risk for disease and decay. An important feature of the Invisalign system is that it requires that you change very little of your lifestyle, even as you are changing your smile. Consider the benefits… Read more »

Orthodontists Salvage Broken Smiles

Are your teeth out of alignment? Do you have any overlapping teeth or suffer from irregularly spaced teeth? If so, consider the benefits that a trip to the orthodontics office will provide. Orthodontists salvage broken smiles. Here are some of the benefits: – Orthodontists have a vast amount of knowledge given that their training extends… Read more »

Your Child Will Need a Retainer After Their Braces Have Been Removed

Each of your child’s adjustment sessions at Dr. ’s orthodontic clinic has served to gradually correct the alignment of their teeth. Once this is complete your son or daughter’s braces can be removed. However, it’s important to note that there will still be some residual tension lingering in the periodontal ligaments that anchor their teeth…. Read more »

Braces Might Be Needed to Prevent Dental Fractures and Enamel Attrition

Alignment issues with your teeth can present more serious problems than simply leaving you with an unappealing smile. In time, even minor aberrations in your dentition can lead to enamel attrition or an increased risk of suffering a dental fracture. This is even more likely to be an issue if you’ve recently lost a tooth… Read more »

Are Invisalign® Clear Orthodontic Aligners the Treatment You Have Been Looking For?

Are Invisalign® clear orthodontic aligners be the treatment you have been looking for? Did you know that Invisalign orthodontic aligners are metal-free and capable of straightening your smile to the picture-perfect design you desire? Even if you have had an orthodontic alignment in the past, it may be possible for Invisalign to help revert any… Read more »

Can Braces Give You’re the Truly Spectacular Smile You Have Been Seeking?

Can braces give you’re the truly spectacular smile you have been seeking? With our help, our brilliant team can get you on the path to a straighter smile in no time. With braces, you can set crooked teeth straight once more, and mend your misaligned smile. Listed below are some fantastic reasons to try braces:… Read more »

Any Damage to Your Braces Calls for Professional Care

When Dr. installed your braces, used durable hardware that is meant to handle most daily oral activities. Yet there are still some things that can bend, loosen, or damage a component of your braces. This is even more likely to happen if you chew gum or eat sticky or very hard foods. If something does… Read more »

Caring for Braces

Orthodontics is used to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. Now that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are some things you should know about caring for your teeth and braces. Dental Hygiene While Wearing Braces Dental hygiene is a little more involved while wearing braces. To floss your teeth, work the short end… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Fixing a Broken Bracket on Your Braces

Your braces are a strong and effective orthodontic appliance that can give you the smile of your dreams. But, there are things that can still cause broken brackets. This is a normal occurrence that isn’t necessarily a big deal. If this happens to you, it’s best to do all you can to improve the situation… Read more »

Boost Your First Impression with an Invisalign®-Straight Smile!

The importance of first impressions cannot be understated. Whether it’s a first date or a job interview, your smile is important. That’s why Invisalign can benefit people with crooked and jagged teeth who are looking for a solution, without the hassle of having to wear traditional metal braces. If you feel this describes you, please… Read more »