More Adults Are Embracing Orthodontic Braces

In the past, orthodontic braces had the stigma of being reserved for teenagers with an awkward smile. They were sometimes perceived as having more cosmetic value than functional meaning. However, adults with misaligned teeth are at increased risk of suffering from varying dental conditions. This could include tooth enamel attrition from excessive wear or dental… Read more »

Why Adjustment Appointments Are a Critical Part of Orthodontic Treatment

If you are in the midst of receiving orthodontic treatment at , we encourage you to not miss or reschedule any of your adjustment appointments if possible. These regular appointments keep your orthodontic treatment on track; otherwise, your treatment will last longer than it needs to. While working with Dr. , you will need to… Read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Invisalign®

One of the best forms of orthodontic treatments that are around today is known as Invisalign®. Invisalign is a highly effective orthodontic aligner treatment system that is fully customized to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Listed below are the benefits of Invisalign: – Invisalign aligners are metal-free and do not feature any brackets… Read more »

Adult Braces Can Correct Newly Developed Alignment Problems with Your Teeth

Traditional orthodontic braces used to be thought of as a hallmark of the adolescent experience. For many years the metal brackets, wires, and bands were used to provide teenagers with a more attractive smile. As time has gone on and increasing number of adults have entertained the idea of braces to help correctly newly formed… Read more »

Orthodontics & Malocclusion

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in correcting the position of the teeth and jaws. This is important, as crooked teeth are more difficult to clean properly, are at greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and can cause extra stress in the jaw, which can lead to headaches and TMJ disorders…. Read more »

Do You Want Fresh Breath When You Wear Braces? Here’s What to Do

Our orthodontist, Dr. , and orthodontic team understand how inconvenient bad breath can be. Unfortunately, it’s quite common to have bad breath when you have braces because food particles and plaque get stuck in and on your smile regularly. The good news is that there are things you can do to achieve the fresh breath… Read more »

How to Clean Your Orthodontic Retainer

Your orthodontic retainer can help you have the straight and beautiful smile you’ve worked so hard for a lifetime. However, this is only the case if you take good care of your retainer. This means you need to keep it in safe places and clean it regularly. To help you clean it, our orthodontist, Dr…. Read more »

Talking With Your Orthodontist About Adult Braces

In the past, braces were almost considered to be a right of passage for children and teenagers. However, more and more adults have opted for braces to straighten their smiles. But there are some issues that adults should consider regarding braces, and a discussion with your orthodontist can help you and Dr. decide on the… Read more »

Braces Can Give You a Healthier, Aligned Smile

Braces are well known for creating an improved appearance as they straighten your teeth, but they also help you have a healthier smile in the process. At the orthodontic practice of located in , , we are pleased to help our patients achieve both outcomes. You see, when teeth are not aligning correctly, it can create issues with your… Read more »

Orthodontics For Kids

For years, braces and orthodontic work were things that only concerned teenagers. While more and more adults have been getting braces in recent years, it’s not an uncommon practice to start addressing alignment issues earlier in a child’s life. In fact, it is recommended that orthodontic screening start around the ages of 6 or 7…. Read more »