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Teeth that are misaligned with their neighbors and their partners in your bite pattern can lead to a wide range of possible problems. Beyond causing you to have an unattractive smile it could also increase your chances of suffering chipped teeth and complications from tooth enamel attrition.

In recent years more and more adults with misaligned teeth have been turning to orthodontists like Dr. Shelley Tretter to explore their braces options. Traditional braces provide a functional system of metal brackets, wires, and other components that are capable of altering the alignment of your teeth.

After they have been installed you will need to periodically return to Shelley A Tretter DMD MS INC to have your braces adjusted. Each one of these appointments is designed to tighten and tension your braces and the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth in their sockets. This will gradually correct the alignment of your teeth.

Once your braces have been removed Dr. Shelley Tretter will provide you with a retainer. Using this removable oral appliance during the necessary times will help to prevent any lingering tension in your periodontal ligaments from causing your teeth to relapse.

If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area and you have an alignment issue with your teeth, we invite you to call 513-697-9999 to set up a braces consultation and take the steps to achieve the smile you desire.