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For years, braces and orthodontic work were things that only concerned teenagers. While more and more adults have been getting braces in recent years, it’s not an uncommon practice to start addressing alignment issues earlier in a child’s life. In fact, it is recommended that orthodontic screening start around the ages of 6 or 7. At that time, a child’s bones are still growing, and their permanent teeth are still coming in. So, this is a great time discuss what treatments might be beneficial.

Early orthodontics can provide a needed intervention for a child’s smile. It may be a relatively simple issue such as a diastema, which is a gap between two teeth. There are a number of causes of diastema, and Dr. Shelley Tretter will be able to explain them to you. You may choose to use an orthodontic treatment or cosmetic treatment to address your child’s diastema, and in some cases, surgery may be an option.

An orthodontic screening may reveal that you child needs to have her upper jaw, or palate expanded. There are different types of appliances that can be used, or again, the doctor may suggest surgery, depending on your child’s needs. Expanding the palate may be beneficial because your child’s jaw is still growing, and the process may help the permanent teeth to come in properly. However, your child may need further treatment later in life. Early intervention in your child’s alignment may be recommended if your child has a crossbite, which is when your child’s jaws are are not aligned properly which affects how your child’s upper and lower teeth meet; or when your child’s front teeth protrude.

Making sure that your child sees her dentist on a regular basis is an important step in making sure that her teeth are properly aligned. While you may notice that something is amiss with your child’s teeth or jaws, the doctor is trained to look for those kinds of problems, and may spot something that you miss.

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